We don't have English speaking staff right now.
Sorry for this inconvenience.

We are located in the heart of Osaka.
Clean Environment and Sterile Equipment.
Walk-ins are welcome based on tattooer's schedule availability.
But we suggest making an appointment.
We offer amazing Japanese, Asian and Western artworks. Tribal or lettering, etc.
The artist covers all styles of tattooing.


per an hour
from 8,000yen
Small tattoo
from 5,000yen

Price may vary according to your designated size or design or etc.
Ask our artist for an approximate quote, or we can arrange your design to fit your budget.



We have vast tattoo books, photos and artist's portfolio.
You can just pop on in for a visit or counseling.
But our English speaking staff is not available sometimes, so if you can e-mail us in advance, we can make our staff available and set time aside to talk with.
Walk-ins are welcome based on tattooer's schedule availability.

We take 5,000-10,000yen deposit for your tattoo appointment.
(depending on the tattoo design)
Deposit will be applied to the cost of your tattoo.
Once artworks is started the deposit is non-refundable for any reason.


We take a variety of steps to help ensure your safety.

All items which can disposable such as needle, gloves, ink, ink cap, etc, are single use only.
Any implements that are not disposable, such as tattoo tubes, are cleaned and sterilized by ultrasonic cleaner, autoclave and proper equipment.
And they are kept in ultraviolet sterilizer.
Items that may need to be touched during tattoo are covered with plastic barriers each time to prevent contamination.

Our artist will wear a disposable face mask and gloves.



We will instruct you proper aftercare clearly after tattoo session.
It is important that you follow the guide lines.
Proper aftercare is necessary for achieving best healing and resulting.
If you have any further question about aftercare, feel free to ask.


Lucky Round Tattoo has years of experience in Cover-Up Tattoos.
We welcome the opportunity to rework or continue your existing tattoo that has done by other shops or by yourself.
We will have a consultation carefully to check your previous tattoo and assist with suggestions for your new design.